Saturday, February 21, 2009

The most sacred and ancient Buddhist Stupa Swayambhunath

Swayambhunath temple, Buddhist Pilgrim, swyambhu in n95 pictures, Buddha in NepalSwyambhunath bearing the meaning "self-emerged" is the most sacred and ancient Buddhist Stupa in Nepal.It was founded by the great-grandfather of King Manadev in the 5th century AD though it's origin however, date to a much earlier time, long before the arrival of Buddhism into the valley.It is lofty white dome with glittering golden spire with pair of big eyes on each of the four sides of the main Stupa symbolizing the God's all-seeing perspective.Swayambhunath stupa is also called the Monkey Temple because of the many hundreds of monkeys dwelling there.There are many chaityas, temples, painted images of deities and other religious objects like prayer wheels and flags for the Tibetan Buddhists to be seen.
swayambhu Stupa, Nepal, self emerged Stupa, Buddhism in Nepal,n95 picturesAccording to Swayambhu Purana,Kathmandu Valley at the very beginning was a huge lake, out of which grew a lotus that radiated a brilliant light.The Bodhisatva Manjushri seeing that the valley could be a good settlement for the humans,cut a gorge with a sharp sword at Chovar and drained the water away leaving the valley of present day "Kathmandu". The lotus was transformed into a hillock and the blazing light became the Swayambhunath stupa.
stupa of swayambhunath,self emerged stupa, Boddhisatva Manjushri,Buddist Pilgrims,budhism in kathmandu,destiny for buddha lover ,swyambhu temple in nepalSwayambhunath Temple
stupa of swayambhu , Nepal, Monkey temple,monkey in temple cute moneky in temple,tourist for buddhism,tourist in nepal for buddhaStupa at Swayambhunath
Swayambhunath pictures,Buddha photo,free swyambhunath pictures,ultimate destination for buddhism
Eyes of Swayambhunathpigeons and dogs in swayambhu temple, Monkey temple of Nepal,dog in temple,animals in temple,Hindu and Buddhism togetherPigeons on the white dome and dogs serenely lying around.
staircase to entrance to swayambhunath stupa,entry to Swayambhunath,365 staircase,longest staircase in nepal,365 staircase,staircase in temple
swayambhu 365 stepped stairway,Climbing swayambhunath,n95 pictures,swyambhunath in nepal,Buddha in Nepal,tourist for buddhismStairway to Swayambhunath temple.It has 365 steps.
Shikhara at swayambhunath,hindu temple near Buddha temple,stupa and temple,temple in hill,stupa in hill gumba in hillShikhara , erected by King Pratap Malla
prayer flags, swayambhunath,largest number of prayers flags,red flag ,blue flag ,green flag, seven color flagPrayer Flags
stupas and prayer flags, n95 pictures,flags in kathmandu ,history,free pictures for n95 mobile,flags in n95 Small Stupas and prayer flags hanging around
Buddhist monk , Buddhism,monk in stupa,monk in gomba monk in gumba,monk in temple,nepali monk ,international monks in nepal,praying monkBuddhist Monk behind the huge bell
prayer wheels at swayambhu, buddhist devoteesDevotees spinning the prayer wheels
n95 pictures , swayambhunath,stupa at top,city view from templeBajra
swayambhunath, Nepal Swayambhunath
Buddhist gompa swayambhunath,buddha,lord gautam buddha ,sidhartha gautam buddhaBuddhist gompa at Swayambhunath
Buddha of light, Dipanker buddha,free gautam buddha pictures,largest collection of buddhism picturesBuddha of light , Deepankar Buddha at Swayambhu
wishing pool of Buddha , swayambhu,stupa in kathmandu,stupa in nepal,buddhism in nepalWishing pool with statue of Buddha at Swayambhunathstatue of Budhha , entrance to swayabhunath,number of statue of gautam buddha,statue of gautam budhha in swyambhu,swayambhu, nepal
Swayambhunath , self emergence,history of swaymbhunath,pictures of gautam buddha,pictures of swaymbhustupa,Statues of Lord Buddha at the entrance area.
swayambhunath hillock,swayambhu in hill,green forest in swyambhuSwayambhunath hillock
monkey temple , swayambhunathMonkeys at Swayambhunath also called MONKEY TEMPLE
view of kathmandu from swayambhunath,view of kathmandu city,different look of cityCity view from the Swayambhu temple.

Saturday, February 14, 2009

A gigantic statue of Lord Bishnu carved on a five-meter-long boulder.

First of all I would like to wish all my readers,visitors and friends a very

These are few shots of Budhanilkantha Temple.Budhanilkantha meaning "old blue-throat" is a gigantic ( carved on a five-meter-long boulder) shrine of Lord Bishnu also Ananta shahin Narayan lying serenely on the coiled body of Ananta Sesh ( 11 hooded serpent ).This huge stone carving of Lord Bishnu with his legs crossed and holding SHANKHA (conch), Charkra(disc), GADHA(club) and PADMA(Lotus)in his four hands seems to be floating amidst a small pond covering an area of around 882 sq. meters.The deity is over 1000 years old and has enormous significance to both the Hindus and Buddhists.This masterpiece is also known as the Sleeping Vishnu Temple.
The Royals(especially the reigning monarch) are restricted to enter the Temple premises for various inauspicious religious notions.
,Budhanilkantha,Budhanilkantha Temple,sleeping lord bishnu temple,History:
This statue had been carved by the order of the King Vishnugupta of the Licchavi dynasty in the 7th or 8th century.Legend says that the deity was surprisingly lost and was later found by a farmer as he hit the buried shrine while ploughing and the statue started bleeding.The statue came to complete exposure on further mining.
Sesh nag,Lord Bishnu statue,n95 pictures,culture and festivals,Hindu god,Hindu lord statue,Entrance gate,temple entrance,Entrance of statue THE ENTRANCE TO THE TEMPLE
old blue-throat,bhagwan bishnu,Budanilkantha ,kathmandu,basbari,Lord,Buddhism and Hinduism together,
sleeping Vishnu,Budhanilkantha temple,Nepal Hindus and Buddhists,lord in pond,lord with snake,god with snake,snake god,shree krishna, boulder,gigantic statue,stone carvingtraditional stone carving ,statue of bishnu,statue of lord bishnu,statue of sleeping bishnu,front view of statue,amazing lord statue ,beautiful god statue,budhanilkantha temple,god in pond,sleeping god,god with four hand,bishnuViews of Lord Vishnu sleeping on the coiled body of serpents form different angles.

Saturday, February 7, 2009

Cute Monkey

I was on my way and there I saw a man with this cute little monkey.I just could not stop myself from clicking few shots.It was a trained monkey.The guy was in the city to entertain the people by showing his trained monkey's cute activities. As i did not have much time i had to miss the show but at least i managed to save few of his image in my n95 . I hope you all will find this cute.
monkey,little monkey,monkey pictures,monkey picture in n95,n95 picturesIs not he cute? hehe
cute little monkey,red monkey,white monkey,black monkey,trained monkeyHe was sitting on a rock tied with a metal chain.
nepali monkey,monkey in nepal, monkey in danger,n95 pictures,Kathmandu monkey,baby monkey,cute monkey,trained monkeyThis one looks likes he is posing for the click
A cute baby monkey,baby monkey,monkey entertainment,monkey in danger Look at his expression! he looks happy being the model of the day LOL

Sunday, February 1, 2009

Statue of the Lord Gautam Buddha

Last week I was going to Balaju and on the way was the Amitabh Buddha park located at the west side of the Swoyambunath Stupa where these bigger than the life sized statues of the three Buddhas stand high.These are the biggest statues of Buddha ever in Nepal constructed in 2007.

Gautam Buddha,Siddhartha Gautam,Swoyambunath Stupa base,statue of the gautam buddha,Gautam buddha in nepal,amithab gautam buddhaStatue of Lord Amitaba Buddha (67 ft)

A brief history on Lord Buddha:Gautam Buddha originally Siddartha Gautam was born to King Suddhodan and Queen Mayadevi in Kapilvastu, Lumbini, Nepal in 563 B.C.At the age of 16 he was married to Princess Yashoda who bore a son, Rahul.
Despite the King's continuous effort of shielding his son from the human sufferings, Siddartha once happened to encounter an old man and further a sick man,a dead body.Deeply grieved by these sights Sidartha left the palace in search of the real meaning of one's life.He was 29 years old then.Leaving his royal life behind, he started to live like a mendicant. Siddhartha went to renowned sages but was unsatisfied with their answers to his queries.He followed the path of self-mortification that pushed him near to death.When he realized that this too was futile, he gave up and started meditating intensely sitting under the Bodhi Tree ( Pipal tree) in Bodhgaya.And on the 49th day of his meditation he attained ENLIGHTENMENT.He finally found out the ultimate truth of life and the cause of its sufferings and also how to end these infinite sorrows .He was 35 years old then.He then became BUDDHA, the awakened or enlightened one and spent the next 45 years spreading his knowledge to the mankind. He called his teachings "the Middle Way" a path of moderation.He established an order of monks called the Sangha.And at the age of 80 he was freed from the cycle of the birth and death.

Buddha park,Swoyambunath Stupa base,siddhartha gautam buddha,buddha in nepal,buddhist,buddhismAvalokiteshvara (Left) , Amitaba Buddha ,(center) and Padmasambhava (Right)

statue of buddha,Gautam Buddha,n95 pictures,buddha in mobile,buddhism,avalokiteshvara buddhaStatue of Lord Avalokiteshvara (64 ft)
Lord padmasambhava,buddhist in nepal,buddhism in nepalStatue of Lord Padmasambhava (64 ft)

buddha in swyambhu,n95,n95 pictures,history and cultures,statues of the great gautam buddha

Buddha's four Noble truth
1. Human life is suffering.
2. All suffering is caused by human desires.
3. The end of desires is the end of human sufferings.
4. An end to all the desire can be achieved by following the
Eightfold Noble Path which are
  • Right view
  • Right intention
  • Right Speech
  • Right Action
  • Right Livelihood
  • Right Effort
  • Right Mindfulness
  • Right Concentration