Tuesday, December 23, 2008

With each sunrise, we start a new

I wish all my readers and friends and guests a Merry Christmas and a Very Happy New Year 2009.If you wish and like my pictures you can send it as Christmas cards or holiday cards to your friends and relatives.

Few weeks back I had to get up early each morning as I had my driving classes going on.Everyday I could watch the lovely sunrise.Out of the Grey the sun making its grand entry smearing this world in gold and pink .The enchanting beauty in the sunrise installs in me so much of hope and enthusiasm.It gives me a new day and a new vision, a new faith and a determination for a perfect new start.
Nothing could be more beautiful than the loveliness of the sky before sunrise.
cloudy sky
cloudy weather at new year The sky full of clouds quite grey unless the sunshine hit on them.
New Year Sunrise
holiday greeting cards for new yearIt looks like the god has painted everything in gold.
beautiful sunrisethe pinkish golden sky looks stunning.
sunrise in new year
sunrise picturesunrise in pokharaWhile surfing I found this beautiful poem which describes my thoughts.I am not a poet nor a writer but this is how i exactly feel about sunrise.I wish i too was a poet.Anyways enjoy this poem by
Jacqui Thornton

The grey begins to fade,
As color creeps from leaf to limb.
The light is slowly seeping up,
From beneath the earth's curved rim.
The sky blue strengthens slowly,
Glazed with hues of orange and red.
Slowly as the earth revolves,
The sun lifts up it's head.
Colors shimmer in the light
And shapes begin to unveil.
The trees and flowers separate,
With the dawn light rosy and pale.
The sun climbs higher in the sky.
It's light shimmering and warm.
All things now are clearly seen.
A new day has been born.

Saturday, December 13, 2008

Sculptures depicting the unique Newari culture

I took these snaps on The YALA MAHOTSAV . These pictures depict few of the rituals performed by the newar community.

happy birthday sculpturesThe occasion of the 77 years 7 months and 7 days
sculptures as new year giftThe Guruju (Buddhist priest)
hair cut first timeCHUDAKARMA (It is an age-old ceremony in which a child’s hair is shaved for the first time
birthday gift

Wednesday, December 3, 2008

The majestic view of Annapurna mountain range and the Machapuchare " Fishtail "

Pokhara valley is dominated by the Himalayan panorama which are seen at their best mirroring on the surface of the Fewa Lake.They are just about 50 km away.The Annapurna range is a 55 km long massif series of peaks of which Annapurna-I the world's 10th-highest summit stands at 8,091 meters.
The most beautiful Machhapuchhre( Fishtail) is the mountain (6993 meters) in Annapurna range.It has a double summit that resembles the tail of a fish, hence it is called "FishTail." It is also nicknamed the "Matterhorn of Nepal".Fishtail is famous for its “purity” as no man has ever climbed it. It is forbidden to climb as it is revered by the local people as sacred to god.
I took these pictures in the month of October and November,the best time for the majestic view of the Himalayas.
fishtail mountainThe beautiful Annapurna range with the Fishtail mirroring on the Fewa lake
FishtailNature at its best - The god perfect combination of the Himalayas and lake.
pokhara fewalakeThe blur shadow of the mountains on the Fewalake

anapurna range The view of Fishtail from the Pokhara Sports Stadium."Rangasala"
shadow of mountain in fewa lake
new year in pokhara
MachapuchareThe golden rice field and the gorgeous Himalaya .

fishtail pokharaThe view of the Annapurna range with the Machapuchhre mountain (Fishtail) captured from the rice field.

annapurnaThe Annapurna mountain
fishtailThe view of Machapuchare