Monday, October 27, 2008

Rani Pokhari - Queen's Pond

Rani Pokhari , also known as Lani Pukhu (meaning -Queen's Pond) , located in Kathmandu is a rectangular pond with the mosque shaped Hindu temple of Lord Shiva in the middle.It was built by King Pratap Malla in memory of his beloved Queen.It is said that The King built this artificial pond to console the Queen after their son died.It is opened to visitors only once a year on the day of Bhaitika ( Brother's day ) during the festival of Tihar( Diwali ). As rani pokhari is a pond of consolation, people who have lost their brothers and sisters visit this temple to pay their tribute to their lost ones and those who have no siblings too visit this temple on this particular day in order to receive blessings from the priest.

rani pokhari at kathmanduThis is the entrance to Rani pokhari
queen's pond
The tower behind is the city clock tower known as Ghanta ghar in Nepal .

pond in kathmandu
n95 pictures
The side views of and the shadow of the temple in the pond.

Saturday, October 18, 2008

Pictures of Lord Bhairav

Here are few amazing pictures of different kinds of Lord Bhairav.

Akash Bhairav

akash BhairavThese are the images of Lord AKASH BHAIRAV which is displayed outside for a week during the Indra Jatra Festival in Hanumandhoka ,Kathmandu.

Bajra bhairav

bajra bhairav in yala mahotsavThis is the picture of BAJRA BHAIRAV which I captured in Yala Mahotsav .This statue is still incomplete as they were making it in the Mahotsav itself

lord bhairavLord Bhairav

Friday, October 3, 2008

Yala Mahotsav 2065

On the occasion of The World Tourism Day 27th September people of Patan Square organized the Yala Mahotsav 2065 highlighting the culture and traditions of the local Newar community.
There was the demonstration of different newa culture and newa ruitals followed by newa people .Here are few pictures I captured by my n95 mobile on the first day of the festival.

yala mahotsavThe entrance to the Yala Mahotsav.

Handmade sculpture (Puppets )demoing traditional Nepali greeting 'Namaste' at the entrance of the Yala Mahotsav.
Celebrating MHA PUJA(worshipping the Self).This Puja is one of the oldest rituals of newa community in which they worship themselves .
A Testimony of unique culture to mark The Maharatharohan Celebration

The Maharatharohan Celebration is an auspicious event which take place at the age of eighty-eight years,eight months, eight days,eight ghadis (hours) eight palas (steps) in the ritual life-cycle of the Newars, the indigenous people of the Kathmandu valley.