Tuesday, January 27, 2009

Fighting for the rights-Protest against the Maoist

Protests, strikes these day have become very common in Nepal due to the improper and
unstable political management.Everyday for some or the other reasons protests are staged by the citizens.These are people that have all been victimized or had their family members killed by the Maoist rebels.They are protesting to put pressure on the government to meet their demands and to declare those killed by the Maoists as martyrs and return property "looted" by the Maoists.The protesting locals were shouting slogans against the Maoists and they had blocked the main road that links Lalitpur with Kathmandu which caused a chaos in the traffic.

protest against maoists
maoist victim association,Nepali Maobadi,War of Maobadi,war against maobadi,n95 pictures
protest against maoist,Maobadi,Nepali political party,n95Protest by the Maoists victims .They have formed a group named Maoist victims association.
maoist victims,Maobadi government,Maoist government in Nepal
victimized people,Maoist victim,Maobadi pidit,n95 mobileA chaos on the road.People are stuck .
strike against maoist,maobadi in nepal,Leader of MaobadiSecurity to handle the chaotic situation. But it seems they themselves were confused to take actions.

Thursday, January 22, 2009

Traditional wood carving

Wood carving that reflects the traditional architecture, has always been the pride of Nepal for centuries.Wood carving is widespread in temples, monasteries,furnitures,palaces and residential homes as well.This art of wood carving could be seen in intricate patterns of geometrical, god and goddess,floral and animal and many more forms.
Among the woodcarver clans, the Silpakars and Kaisthakar are best known carvers.These day Woodcraft has become one of Nepal's best industries.Here are some pictures taken by my n95 mobile around Basantapur darbar square Kathamdnu and Patan darbar square Lalitpur Nepal.

wood carving in Nepal,woodworkingThe skillfully and beautifully carved wooden window( Akhijhyal in nepali)
woodcraft in nepal,woodturning
traditional wood carving,intarsia,marquerty,pyrographyThe Images of gods and goddesses lavishly carved on the wood.

Thursday, January 15, 2009

Some classical utensils of Nepal

Here are pictures of some classical clay and metal utensils used since medieval times for normal Kitchen purposes which nowadays due to emergence of plastic and glassware products are rarely used in day to day life but have not yet lost their importance in any cultural purposes.
Nepali classical utensilsKARUWA - It is normally made of bronze and brass and some are beautifully carved.It is used for drinking water, serving alcohol (specially in Newari culture) and in various pious ceremonies.
ancient utensil of nepalDEKCHI - A huge copper utensil used for cooking.
nepali utensilA collection of typical kinds of utensils used in Nepal
newari utensilTAU MAK : I am not very sure about this one but i guess it is used for some alcohol purpose.

Friday, January 9, 2009

A new member in the family.

WELCOME to the family DEEPSAN..  new born baby pictureWhen I last went back home I met a new member in the family. A quite newly born baby who looks so cute and healthy. His name is Deepsan and is only few months old.I just can't express how happy i was to see the new little Baby in the family.

new kid in the house

n95 picturescute and healthy baby Once again a very warm welcome to you in the family.You have brought with you joy and happiness.We all love you a lot.May God always bless you.

Saturday, January 3, 2009

Two Beautiful Lake

I have been posting several pictures of my hometown Pokhara.Here again I am posting few pictures of very popular lakes Fewa lake and Begnas lake around my hometown and Nepal.
Here are the pictures of Fewa Lake taken form my n95 . Fewa lake is the second largest lake of Nepal lying at an altitude of 784 m (2,572 ft) located in Pokhara.It covers an area of about 4.43 km2 (1.7 sq mi) and is about 8.6 m (28 ft) deep.Phewa lake is famous for the reflection of Mount Machapuchare on its surface and the holy Barahi Mandir (Temple) is situated in the middle of this lake.
boating in fewalake
sailing in nepal

fewalakeHere are the pictures of the Begnas Tal (lake). About 10 km southeast of Pokhara lies the Begnas Tal.It's a serene lake where the mountains of the Annapurna Range are brilliantly reflected. There is a Restaurant right on the top from where you can have the complete view of the lake.I love going to this place during the weekends and holidays and enjoy my day with few bottles of chilled beer and delicious fish fry .
begnas lake

begnas tal
beautiful begnas lake
picture of boat in lakeIf you feel energetic, you can rent boats and paddle for really cheap.