Friday, August 22, 2008

My trip to the zoo( Part-2)

Here are few shots of the birds form the central zoo.In the first part of my trip to the zoo i had posted pictures of some animals.
the eagleTHE EAGLE
bunch of ducksA BUNCH OF DUCKS
the peacock mayaurTHE PEACOCK (MAYUR or MAJUR)
black necked storkeTHE BLACK NECKED STORK
pink crested cockatoo
pink crested cockatooTHE PINK CRESTED COCKATOO


Harry said...

Hi, Very good photographs... and don't tell me these r from n95, these must be from a high end camera.

inland empire restaurant and food reviews said...

I like the peacock!

S-ELINA said...

nice photos taken anyway=)

Matt said...

I love the peacock pictures. It is funny, I am studying in Mexico and on campus I see peacocks roaming around campus all of the time.

Jacqueline said...

The eagle looks sad.

Martin Miller-Yianni said...

Love these animals, great pictures!

Bikran said...

@ harry : thanks for visiting . i have to tell u these pictures are from n95 hehe . i know its unbelievable but n95 has also got 5 megapixel which is i guess more or less like of a digital camera .

@indianempire: thanks for visiting . yeah peacocks look great .I love peacocks .

@e-elina : Many many thanks for visiting and for the comment.

@ matt : yeah peacocks are wonderful .wow u got peacocks in your college .sounds interesting.

@ thanks for the comment. Might be the did not like me capturing his picture hehe.

@martin miller: thanks for your words and liking the pictures .

roentarre said...

Beautiful shot in deed

Bikran said...

@ roentarre : Thanks a lot :)