Monday, September 15, 2008

Indra Jatra

Every September the Festival Indra Jatra takes places which continues for eight days during which there is much rejoicing, dancing and feasting.. In Hinduism, Indra is the King of heaven and also the god of rain and adequacy.One of the main events in this festival is pulling the three-tiered chariot of the Royal Kumari accompanied by Pulukishi(Lord Ganesh) and Lord Bhairav through Kathmandu on the third and fourth days.Other attractions are the Lakhes(persons wearing mask of horrific features)
The kumari chariotdevotees pulling the chariot of Royal Kumari
History :
Legend says that once Lord Indra came to earth in search of a unique flower called Parijat for his mother(Dakine Devi) to make offerings to Lord Shiva.As Indra sneaked into a garden, the gardener (who was a great Tantric) bound Indra within his spiritual powers.When Indra did not return for long his mother herself came to earth and found out that her son was caught in Tantrik's control.After tough negotiations she finally succeeded to free her son.She then promised
enough dew throughout the winter to ensure a rich crop.Since then Indra Jatra is celebrated every year.

Royal KumariThe royal Kumari

chariot of kumariThe festival took place in Basantapur in kathmandu
kumari chariotThe chariot of Royal kumari which is pulled through Kathmandu city

classical dancersThe traditional dancers.

enjoying the indrajatraI took this picture in the evening when the festival was about to end.

the lakhe danceLakhe (person wearing horrific mask who dances throughout the festival)His mask is of Lord Bhairav.

The chariot of Lord Bhairav
The army playing their religious band on the occasion

The classical and traditional music players
Indrajatra festival
devotees attending the festival
nepal festivalPeople were rejoicing and dancing to offer their respect to lord Indra
Indra jatra
culture and festivalThousands of devotees attended the festival with great respect and enthusiasm as well.

(There was so much crowd and was difficult to shoot with my tiny n95 camera.I really missed my camera this time but i managed to take few shots though the photos did not come out great anyways I hope these could entertain all.)


Erik said...

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Chris Oquist said...

Nice cross-section of shots that provides an interesting glimpse into the time and place.

You've definitely done a lot with what you've chosen to work with.

Bikran said...

@erik : hey thanks for voting and liking my blog. I ll visit yours and vote too.

@chris oquist : That was really encouraging .Thanks for stopping by .Yeah at times it is quite difficult to take shots with n95. but most of the time its ok.thanks for your words.

Jim Green said...

Great pictures. Although, it is a religious festival, I would imagine there is a lot of drinking and partying at night.

I also like what you have done with your site and how you've integrated your ads into the design.

I clicked on a couple. Didn't think you'd mind :).

Serge said...

For events like this you need a proper camera, but let's say you're just learning... :)
I wish I could be there. I like the picture with the crowd posing, the 14th.

Bikran said...

@Jim green:
thanks for visiting . yeah at the end of the festival its all partying and drinking.drinking is one of the attractions of such festivals.and thanks you liked my design and for the clicks too.

@serge :
thanks for your words. yeah a proper camera is needed for such events but as my blog is about n95 pictures ,i have to do that with my mobile else i would have used a proper one and . this time the pictures did not come out very nice .it was too crowded too.yeah but the festival was very interesting .I wish you cud see that .anyways someday may be.

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Pretty amazing, I was really in aw at all the people in one place like that, Holy Cow!!
I thought the n95 did pretty well.

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@admin-: Thanks for liking and visiting i added your blog on my list hope you will do the same thanks once again.

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The stories and comments with your photos give your website real depth. Both are compelling.

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@Hajurba -: Thanks For your beautiful words ..I never thought of using my mobile to make a blog.But then this idea striked my mind and I got started with it.And i really feel glad this small mobile is working wonders.