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A gigantic statue of Lord Bishnu carved on a five-meter-long boulder.

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These are few shots of Budhanilkantha Temple.Budhanilkantha meaning "old blue-throat" is a gigantic ( carved on a five-meter-long boulder) shrine of Lord Bishnu also Ananta shahin Narayan lying serenely on the coiled body of Ananta Sesh ( 11 hooded serpent ).This huge stone carving of Lord Bishnu with his legs crossed and holding SHANKHA (conch), Charkra(disc), GADHA(club) and PADMA(Lotus)in his four hands seems to be floating amidst a small pond covering an area of around 882 sq. meters.The deity is over 1000 years old and has enormous significance to both the Hindus and Buddhists.This masterpiece is also known as the Sleeping Vishnu Temple.
The Royals(especially the reigning monarch) are restricted to enter the Temple premises for various inauspicious religious notions.
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This statue had been carved by the order of the King Vishnugupta of the Licchavi dynasty in the 7th or 8th century.Legend says that the deity was surprisingly lost and was later found by a farmer as he hit the buried shrine while ploughing and the statue started bleeding.The statue came to complete exposure on further mining.
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love-ely said...

Happy Valentine's day.
How this celebration on your country.

T T Tan said...

Nice pics man..the boulder looks like its afloat and its amazing indeed!

hajurba said...

as in hindu religious books, word raslila has been used. but it means different that we using think it is. it doesn't mean sex definitely.

and on the other hand, it's quite heartbreaking to see couples celebrating v-day beside temples n all.

god enjoyed their sex life inside their houses. learn from that ppl at least.

hajurba said...

n plz do not disturb lord vishnu.

he's sleeping

Bikran said...

@Love-Ely. Thanks ely . well some celebrate with their beloved ones and some with family and friends.It is almost same as in other places i guess.

T T Tan : Thanks a lot Tan.Seeing it in real is even more amazing .. It's just so huge.

@ Hajurba : I did not get what you are actually talking about rasleela n all .. I have nowhere in my post mentioned such things or may be you commented on the wrong post :S am confused !!Anyways thanks for dropping by .

Rich Dansereau said...

This is both a beautiful statue and history.

Bikran said...

Thanks a bunch Rich .:)

Twisted Scrapper said...

Awesome photos. I really like the vivid colors :)

Bikran said...

@ Scrapper : I am glad you liked them.. thanks for your words :)

Krishna said...

Lord Vishnu’s crown represents the highest and incomprehensible reality.

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Anonymous said...

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