Wednesday, March 4, 2009

Wordless Wednesday -Flowers in My Garden

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Sue said...

Beautiful pics!

mo_inoh said...

Cool pictures. I like the colors in these flowers.

Bikran said...

@Sue -: Thank you very much.

@mo_inoh-: Glad to know you liked it.Thanks once again.

Daisy said...

Oh wow! I love these flowers! Got any daisies to share? I'd link to you on my posty if you have one for me.

And yes, as always, I voted for you at BOTB. Hope you win!

Bikran said...

@Daisy-: Thanks for the comment.I will post daisies if i got it around.Am confuse about link exchange though If you post my link in your blog please notify me i will link back to you.
Ya thanks for the vote in BOTB I will do the same and wish you best of luck .

Joanne Chan said...

Hello, first time here! I was actually blog hopping.

You have a good site, with lots of beautiful photos!


fwdemails said...

Those are some really nice pics!!

kiester said...

beautiful to exchange links..thanks!

Bikran said...

@Joanne Chan : Thanks a lot .. I am glad you liked my photos .. Hope to see ya often .Take Care.

@fwdemails :Thanks a bunch.:)

@kiester : Thanks kiester.Well just let me know when you put my link I will do the same. :)

gavin hart said...

What a great idea! ... pictures from your Nokia. I must try getting some shots from my Motorola. You have a very neat blog, your template theme is excellent and your images are interesting.

Bikran said...

@Gavin hart : Feel honored with your wonderful words.Ya that would be a nice idea taking snaps from Motorola.Just try it out.
Once again thanks a lot for dropping by. :)

ForestWander Nature Photography said...

These are wonderful flower pictures.

I love the bright spring colors.

Bikran said...

@Forestwander : Thank you so much mate. I visited your site .. amd must say it was simply fabulous!Your pictures are just beyond any words.

Daisy said...

OHH! The last photo is a fave!

Petri said...

Hello Bikran,

nice idea you had there, I wanted to do the same when I got my N95, I build the blog but never got to publish ;-) (Now I have a N85 and, personnaly, think it's much better).
I have a question and a remark :
Question : what tool do you use to send the pics, add the description and the watermark ? Are you doing that with your phone or computer ?
Remark : Nice flower you have in your garden, but the focus of some of the pics seems to be on the floor instead of the petal. Did you set the macro setting ? If yes, be sure the focus is on what you are targetting before pressing the button full-way.

Have a nice day Bikran, take care


Bikran said...

Hey Petri first of all thank you very much for beautiful comment and query and very best suggestion.
I use pc for blogging as internet connection here in my country is slow and take lots of money for blogging directly through mobile .so i prefer pc and i use little bit of photoshop and picasa to edit my pictures.

As i am amateur photographer and still learning so i usually dont know about where to focus and how to get nice pictures .I dont know how to set macro things in mobile i will be glad if you teach me I think i can learn many thing from you.I did visit your blog but its on different language so its very much difficult for me to contact with you.
I hope you will come again in my blog and keep on suggesting me I need friends like you . And once again thank you very much I am glad to have friends like you.

Petri said...

Hi Bikran, here is my website :, easyer for you :-)

For the macro, when you are viewing the screen of your mobile, you can see the big A in the menu, just click on it and you will access the shooting prefs, there you can choose the image with the flower (close-up), it is usually the symbol of macro. With that fonction you can take photo beeing very close to the subject.
To post on the blog, I use sometimes the application from,. but I only use it when there is free wifi connection in my surroundings, so I don't have to pay for the phone connection ;-)

take care


Bikran said...

oho petri thank you very very much now i got it ...i didnt know about it so whenever i used to take close up pictures it comes always blur from next time i will sure remember this .
I visited your site its very beautiful i can learn many things from it thank you for sharing .