Wednesday, April 15, 2009

Sweet Nectar lures the Butterfly

sweet nectar lures the butterfly,dancing butterfly,butterfly in flower,flowers and butterfly,butterfly,flowers,n95 pictures,n95 mobile,butterfly picture for mobileThe butterfly enjoying the deliciousness of the nectar.
I took these pictures by my n95 few days back.These pictures are my favorite one among all the photos i have taken till now.
butterfly picture taken by mobile,mobile pictures,beautiful butterfly,new year card,happy Nepali new year,happy new year,new year 2066,greeting card for new year,butterfly in new year,about bikram sambat,Nepalese new year . As the new year in Nepal has begun since yesterday .I wish you all a very happy Nepali new year 2066 B.S. .May this year brings you all happiness and prosperity throughout. May all your dreams come true.Bikram Sambat (B.S.) is the official calendar of Nepal, is based on ancient Hindu tradition. Bikram Sambat has 56.7 years ahead of the A.D. year . The Bikram Sambat starts with first day of month Baisakh . It usually falls in April 13 to 15.The new year is celebrated in Nepal as any other new year in other part of the world marked by family gathering,parties, picnic and exchanging wishes and participation in rituals to ensure good fortune in the coming year.
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Your photos are great

Bikran said...

@Luckylady -: thank you for the comment.

vie~avola~vie said...

Hi Bikran,

You are officially invited to join our forum at

Share your great photos there orite...

Please do extend invitations to your friends as well. The more the merrier. Hope to see more n95 user sharing their pix there.


Hedy@ penny for my thoughts said...


Bikran said...

@viva -: i will join there soon.thanx for invitation.

@Hedy -: Thank you .

atomicvelvetsigh said...

Saw you ate BOTB and voted for you! (Dropped an ec too)

Have a nice day!

Gregorio said...

Beautiful photos I love the vibrant colors.

Ask Ms Recipe said...

Love your photos :)

Ms Recipe

gavin hart said...

Interesting to see the fraying and damage to the butterfly's wings. Beautiful shots!

workhard said...

Oh my.. those pictures did comeout pretty nice.

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Bikran said...

@Atomiacvelvetsigh : Thanks a lot buddy .. I would visit and drop urs too.

@gregorio : Thanks mate! I am glad you liked it .

@Ms reciepe : thanks a bunch for loving them .. feels great !

@gaving heart : Yeah some spots are be seen .. Thanks buddy for droppin by.

@workhard : Have they ? Thanks a bunch for your words.