Friday, June 27, 2008

Highway to Heaven(Lovely Hill) is another interesting highway in Pokhara . This narrow highway along the Fewalake leads us to a lover's park which is generally known as "Lovely Hill",( the most happening and popular dating place in Pokhara.) The road looks narrow for the riders but riding on here is not difficult but unexpectedly adventurous . As this road takes the "the lovers" to "the heaven" i.e. "The lover's park" , I preferred it calling "the highway to heaven " .


aarya said...

wow .. great view .. you named it perfect "the highway to heaven " cool man !! well i have no idea about the lover's park as i have never been there .. but it definetely looks the road infact takes u to the heaven . i liked your work .. keep it up and keep posting dude !! said...

Look nice :)

Thanks for your pictures.