Tuesday, July 1, 2008

The way to the island - Tal Barahi Temple

http://n95pic.blogspot.com/This is a view of the very famous TAL BARAHI temple , located in the middle of the fewalake in Pokhara . This place serves the visitors as a station for the journey to the temple to start. We can see the people standing on the shore ..waiting eagerly for the boats to sail them to the temple.

http://n95pic.blogspot.com/"The waiting " in the heat is so boring and tiring but patience is the only solution . The people are still waiting for the move, chill just few minutes more to sail .So on your marks get set and ..

and finally "GO" two boats started to row leaving stilll a few behind at the shore . So tired waiting for their turn .. some have even fallen asleep . Get up .. for sure you are the next .


Edwin Nguyen said...

Oh... I really like the sea. It looks like the sea in my country vietnam. Looking at the sea, it is quite interesting.
Nice photos!

Bikran said...

Thank you for your comments edwin nguyen its just a lake unfortunately we dont have any seas in nepal

soiamd said...

pkr nagaye ni pkr ko aananda lina paiyo

Martin Miller-Yianni said...

Lovely casual pictures I now know what a n95 it and does, I orignially thought it meant you were nearly 95 years old! :)

Bikran said...

Thanks soiamd and martin for visiting my blog and leaving a comments. I hope you guys will keep on visiting my blog, thank you once again.