Monday, July 21, 2008

Aaiselu (edible wild yellow berries)

Aaiselu is a kind of berry mostly grown nearby the forests and highways and hilly area in spring season and ripen in summer . I did not find the exact name of it in English but we call it Aaiselu (wild yellow berries). These berries taste simply wonderful and leaves you wanting always more of them. Aaiselu is too soft and should be eaten sooner after picking them up else they lose their original taste . It is a bit difficult to pick Aaiselu because thier bushes are very thorny. Mostly the children so really fond of them that they even bunk their schools just to pick the berries ignoring the scratches in the skin . Even the tourists like them much .During the summer you can see poeple selling Aaiselu near by the highways in Nepal .

AaiseluThe thorny bushes full of ripe Aaiselu . My mouth is watering now
aaiselu in nepalI took these pictures by n95 mobile in my last visit to Pokhara during summer.
wild yellow berryI had too picked few of the delicious berries in my last visit to Pokhara . That was fun .

These berries till now have not been much used but many things could be done out of them. We can start Aaiselu farming , producing wines and juices out of them ,which could serve as a source of income to the poor villagers . The farming could be done easily and in a low budget as they grow easily without any special attentions .
The only problem in developing countries is that we ourselves are oblivious of our own resources and keep ignoring them.But if we wake up and see around there are millions of things to start with to make life better .


Serge said...

Looks tasty. I've tried 'em before.... but you say to make wine out of it? Sounds funny at least.

Nirnit said...

gr8 pictures but maile berry khadaina :D
tyo tapai kai haat ho :D
kasto safa :P

Nardeeisms said...

Here in the United States, I pick berries almost everyday (blackberries). They are nutritious and save us a lot of money as far as not having to purchase juice. We make our own.

The yellow berries in your picture are beautiful! They almost look like jewels. Thanks for sharing - Nards

mantiz said...

they do look tasty! great pics, as always :)

marydane said...

Looks pretty delicious. Never seen fruit like that before.:)

Anonymous said...

wow berries are my favourites . these look delicious man ..

Kumar Byanjankar said...

yellow berry when i was child in ktm too there were lots of berry garden. but these days ....
it remind me my childhood.
thanks for reminding my memory

Bikran said...

Thank you everybody for dropping your precious words.Please do keep visiting my blog.Thank you once again.

Anonymous said...

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