Friday, July 25, 2008

The priceless childhood

Children are the most precious gift of god . They are bliss to parents.Children require guidance, a little love and attention of the parents .Your children need your presence more than your presents.Good upbringing definitely moulds a child into a better human and an asset to society.The bright memories of the childhood always strengthen a child and leads him towards a successful life.
These lovely children made me nostalgic by reminding me of my childhood . I took these pictures by my n95 in a children park located few minutes away from my home .
n95 picturesHe looks so cute . The lovely bubbly boy yo yo get going .

children park They must be feeling happy to drive a car before turning 18 . Hehehe.
kinder gartenThese children are definitely going to be the future Micheal Schuhmacher. LOL .
childhood memoryToys are child's best friend .
childrenThe cute little girl is buying a balloon .
children lifestyle The parents do know how to make their children smile . yeah by getting them their best friend !!

And here are the pilots .Children need models more than they need critics
children are bliss They look very cute . Childhood is the world of fun.
n95picChildren need to be refreshed form time to time .And such festivals help them get rid of the boredom.
bikranEnjoying their peacock ride
pictures of chidrenHere they also have the train .wow ..
naughty kidThe train has stopped but she still does not want to come out . I want more mummy eheh.

Children are like wet cement. Whatever falls on them makes an impression.We should never limit a child from learning.


Nirnit said...

hey malai ta mero bachha belako yaad aayo
dad le malai rato machindra nath herna laijanthiyo ani malai ballon kindinthiyo :D

Anonymous said...

These are good shots. They're colorful and your narration is on-point. Looks like the were not the only ones having fun!

coolingstar9 said...

I enjoy seeing this photos. We can see how happy they are.
Have a nice day, best wishes from coolingstar9.

Bikran said...

nirnit : yeah malai ni baccha bela ko yaad aayo . thank you for the comments.

nomad flavour : thank you so much for the comments . yeah they were not the only one who were happy . do add me too in the list . it really made me so nostalgic .

coolingstar9 : thank you for the comments friend . even i enjoyed taking these photos .nice days to you too . and good luck to you .

Liam said...

Never were truer words written. My daughter is now almost 3; they've been the most amazing 3 years of my life. I love her so much it actually makes me sad sometimes; maybe because I can't spend every second of the day with her.

Bikran said...

Ya there i agree when you have children the life automatically becomes fabulous .I understand you must be busy as father has a lot responsibilities but still try giving some time to her
I am sure she would love that.