Wednesday, July 9, 2008

Child labour

"Child labor" means the employment of children under an age determined by the law . Child labor is a major social problem especially in developing countries where the economically handicapped families are forced to send their children to work tediously .
Well a child works in fact in almost every society and is also
accepted but the term "child labor" is undesirable and harmful as child labor hinders a child not only from education but also prevents the overall development in him .
Child labour in Nepal prevails mostly in traditional agricultural sectors, service sectors like small hotels, restaurants, transport and tourism, manufacturing sectors such as carpet and garments factories, domestic services, etc. They work long hours at low wages, poor working environment.

Besides poverty and illiteracy , lack of dedication of the concerned authorities of the government is also a cause of child labor . Trying to put end to poverty and giving the equal rights to all regardless of their ethnicity ,religion etc. and improving access to education could surely be a very effective move to reduce child labor to a great extent .

n95pic.blogspot.comA boy painting the hotel walls in the heat . A little boy selling fruit

n95pic.blogspot.comNot yet ends his tedious painting .. He keeps going on tired and hungry . Poor him !!

n95pic.blogspot.comA boy around 11-13 years old selling maizes on the street.He must be feeling sad to sit all day long under the tiring heat and watching children of his age enjoying life .


Liam said...

Your pictures are beautiful but very sad. It's a great shame that this sort of thing still goes on.

Perhaps in some situations children enjoy working and helping out. When they don't get a real childhood and are exploited it's a crime.

It makes you realise how much we take our happy childhoods for granted.

kegler747 said...

Mabuhay from the Philippines! Thank you for visiting my blog.

We also have the same problem here in the Philippines regarding child labor specially those in the rural areas. I hope that this problem will not continue anymore at least in my lifetime.

Bikran said...

Thank You liam and kegler747 for your comments
Yes its really sad that some children are deprived of a happy childhood.Even i hope this would come to an end one day.

Luckier are the children leaving in a family with adequate income.

Lakelandmom said...

Very educational, thanks for the info, despite the gloom. Good pics.