Sunday, July 6, 2008

The garbage cleaner

This is a picture of a person who comes to our place (in kathmandu) to collect the wastages from our daily life . Every morning around 9 am .. he makes every people living in my community aware of his presence by whistling loud ,louder and the loudest . The keeps waiting till all of us hand over him our daily wastages .
I clicked this picture when he was already done with collecting the garbages and was all set towards his destination which is the "city dumping site" . Tired he was pulling the cart full of stink .At times I just feel really bad seeing him live with such tedious and unhygienic task .But work is work and yeah out of this he is atleast earning his survival .
Kudos to all the "Garbage cleaners" for keeping our town safe from turning into a repository of wastages and garbages .

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Digital Polaroids said...

I have no words... I live in Argentina, and we're having very difficult times right now... for a quite looooong time, I should say