Wednesday, July 16, 2008

Gloomy Tuesday Evening

This very moment I captured by my nokia n95 mobile while watching the moon in the sky through my window .
gloomy eveningTuesday gloomy evening appears in the half Moon behind the cloud.
n95 pictureMoon and Clouds playing hide n seek
gloomy evening n95 pictures


Da Old Man said...

You have a great talent for photography. I enjoy your pictures.

Liam said...

You seem to get very good quality pictures from your 95. The pictures I get from my mobile are nowhere near as good, so I generally don't use it. Having a decent camera in your phone really allows you to capture the moment. Maybe I should get an n95... Here in Sydney it's mid Winter, but the days have been sunny and mild. I've been enjoying the school holidays with my 3 year old and going to the park a lot.

Martin Miller-Yianni said...

Nothing like a bit of moonlighting. Just make sure the werewolces aren't
Love the pictures

Bikran said...

@ Da old man-: Thank you for enjoying my picture and for your encouraging comment.

@liam-: When i first clicked photo with my n95 and viewed on my computer even i was amazed seeing the picture quality in Nepal we having mid-summer and rainy days.Getting a n95 will not a bad idea.Thank you for dropping your words.

@Martin miller-yianni-:Thank you for dropping your words.

chuckles said...

It really was a gloomy Tuesday.
Nice pictures.

Bikran said...

Thank you chuckles for the comments.