Sunday, July 13, 2008

A tribute to Bhanubhakta(the first poet of Nepal) on his birth anniversary

Bhanubhakta Acharya(1814-1868) was a Nepali poet who translated the great epic "Ramayana" from Sanskrit to Nepali. He was born in Chundi Beshi of Ramgha of Tanahu district in 1814 .
Bhanubhakta was the first poet ever to write in Nepali language when other Poets in Nepal usually wrote in Sanskrit. That is why he was entitled as "AADI KAVI"(meaning the first poet). He was an outstanding poet, who dedicated his entire life to enriching Nepali literature .

BhanubhaktaThe statue of the AADI KAVI (pioneer) Bhanubhakta Acharya
BhanujayantiBhanubhakta was a young boy from a wealthy family and was leading a luxurious life until he met a poor grass cutter who inspite of his poverty wanted to build a well (KUWA in nepali) to help the travelers to quench their thirst and be remembered even after death .This inspired Bhanubhakta to do something remarkable. So honoring the grass cutter, he wrote these lines:
" He gives his life to cutting grass and earns little money,
he hopes to make a well for his people
so he will be remembered after death,
this high thinking grass cutter lives in poverty,
I have achieved nothing, though I have much wealth.
I have neither made rest houses nor a well,
all my riches are inside my house.
This grass cutter has opened my eyes today,
my life is worthless if the memory of my existence fades away."
Since then he dedicated himself to writing poetry
ghasi kuwa,n95 picturesThese are the statues of Poet Bhanubhakta (left) and the Ghasi (grass cutter) on the right in the Ghasi Kuwa Park in Tanahu district ,Nepal.

(I took these pictures by my n95 mobile while coming back to Kathmandu from Pokhara as this park is situated near the Prithivi Highway.)


Nirnit Tandukar ( SandY_BoY) said...

nice bhanu bhakta ji ko samjhana arar cha :)
ma euta kabita bhanu ?

ma euta kabita bhanu ?
timro naam ma bhanu.
hami timro bhakta
hey bhanu bhakta:D

dhan ko paat:d

tara nice pic keep it up my
dazu :)

Bikran said...

Thank you sweet bro for your sweet comments

Laurie said...

Very nice blog and pictures. I love seeing places I never seen or been and most likely never will. lol

Liam said...

It's very interesting to view the photographs of your beautiful country. The words of the poet are very wise. Anything we share, however small leaves a mark. More people should be creating and being involved, rather than just passively consuming. Blogs like yours leave a beautiful mark.

marydane said...

Wow, he was a great man I can tell. And those are wonderful pictures. I wonder how they look like in real life...;)

Bikran said...

thank you laurie ,liam and marydane
for the comments .