Wednesday, August 6, 2008

My Little Angel

This sweet little angel is my niece.She is now 5 years old. She is sweet, talkative and very very naughty at times.She loves to dance and yeah imitate people.Once we all along with her went to a wedding ceremony and there she was insisting and crying like hell to get married too.She was like "no i want to marry too and put the bridals dress on." When they start insisting only god could help LOL.
my little angel It was in the afternoon we all were drinking tea . And my little angel was annoyed as nobody served her tea but only milk. Children love imitating Lol. She also wanted tea .
n95 picturesWhen she did not stop her tantrums, i gave her half a cup of tea . Look at her she is so busy in drinking haha.
children in n95 mobile She had her tea .She is very happy now and my angel smiles .


Liam said...

I know all about the tantrums, but I sometimes still find myself smiling inside. She's a gorgeous child; certainly an angel.

Da Old Man said...

What an angel. :)

freebeezndealz said...


coolingstar9 said...

wow,this little angel is so cute that she likes to imitate others. It is a good sign that she can absorb more.
Hope your can give her more love and continue to teach her well.
You can see her smile is so satisfying. Nice photos and description.
Have a beautiful day.

marydane said...

Oh she's so cute! "...there she was insisting and crying like hell to get married too...", that was funny.. LOL. Well, kids...;)

Nirnit said...

wow! cho chweet baby :H
she is looking so cute really she is like an angel

Bikran said...

@ liam : i agree .they certainly are angels . children make life so perfect and fun .thanks for your words.

@the old man : thank you . a cute and naughty angel ;)

@ freebeezndealz : thanx for dropping by

@Coolingstar9 : thank you for dropping by . yeah the way she imitates even i feel she can absorb things faster . we ll try our best to give her the best . thanks again.

@marydane : lol yeah sometimes she insists on funny things . thats also a kind of fun to us .thanks for dropping by .

@nirnit: : sachi hai . she looks cute and satisfied with that smile on her face lol . thank you for dropping by .