Monday, August 11, 2008

Skulls and heads of endangered animals

I took these pictures by my n95 mobile on the entrance of the central zoo in Nepal.There was a mini gallery where these skulls were kept. These animals fall under the endangered category.

The heads of the TIGER.
Collection of skulls of the deer ,Tiger and one horned rhino .


Nirnit said...

hum.. gr8 pictures nice colllection broda keep on posting like this pictures
Kya daaar lagdo :P
anywayz nice collection

Liam said...

If these species aren't preserved through conservation, exhibits like these may soon be all that is left of these endangered species. It would be a very sad legacy for our children.

mantiz said...

dude, haven't seen you for a while... where you been? :)

nice pics as usual..
it's sad to note that most of these animals won't be there on this planet after a few years.. someone better put some sense into the heads of these greedy humans!

Bikran said...

@nirnit: thanks for the comment . eheh dar laagdo cha re ?

@Liam : very true . if they are not preserved there would come a day where our children could just read about them in books .These species should really be care taken.

@ mantiz: I was a bit busy with other stuffs bro . i will visit it more regularly. And thanks for your words. Yeah dude its really high time we realize this and do something to preserve these species.