Saturday, September 20, 2008

Protest against funding cut off for festivals on 28th sept 08

An angry protest was staged by the Newar community(Natives of Kathmandu Valley) against the government for cutting off the budget for the religious festivals(Jatras) celebrated since years on 28th September 2008.

The protesters blocked traffic in Basantapur,Kathmandu by burning tyres.
They also demonstrated rallies in Basantapur.
The security force, to avoid any unhappy incidents.


Marjerizz said...

just added your link bro Thanks

आकार said...

ओहो !
त्यही भएर पो, त्यति धेरै गाडि नचलेको रहेछ ।

Bikran said...

@marjerizz : thanks bro.I have added u as well.

@aakar: tei ta hijo bata upatayaka band cha. yata lalitpur tira chai thikai chaleko cha gadiharoo.

sangesh said...

nice pictures from your n95 :)
keep it up.
you blog is really nice.

Bikran said...

@sangesh-: Thanks for stopping by and jotting down your valuable words.

wblmom said...

Ouch! It looks like they were definitely not happy.

Bikran said...

@wblmom : yeah they were not happy as the government cut the funds off for festivals people have been celebrating since ages.

cube said...

Can't the raise money for the festivals on their own. That would be more productive than rioting.

Bikran said...

@cube: Yeah you are right but the fund for festivals has been provided by the government since ages and the sudden cut off triggered anger in the citizens.

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