Tuesday, January 27, 2009

Fighting for the rights-Protest against the Maoist

Protests, strikes these day have become very common in Nepal due to the improper and
unstable political management.Everyday for some or the other reasons protests are staged by the citizens.These are people that have all been victimized or had their family members killed by the Maoist rebels.They are protesting to put pressure on the government to meet their demands and to declare those killed by the Maoists as martyrs and return property "looted" by the Maoists.The protesting locals were shouting slogans against the Maoists and they had blocked the main road that links Lalitpur with Kathmandu which caused a chaos in the traffic.

protest against maoists
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protest against maoist,Maobadi,Nepali political party,n95Protest by the Maoists victims .They have formed a group named Maoist victims association.
maoist victims,Maobadi government,Maoist government in Nepal
victimized people,Maoist victim,Maobadi pidit,n95 mobileA chaos on the road.People are stuck .
strike against maoist,maobadi in nepal,Leader of MaobadiSecurity to handle the chaotic situation. But it seems they themselves were confused to take actions.


tikno said...

Hi Bikran,
It is interesting that your photos collection has covered political area.

Bikran said...

@Tikno : Thanks mate. From what i can guess is that you are very much interested in politics rite?whenever i get a chance to witness any incidents in my place i try covering them too :)

Anonymous said...

Nice reportage photos.
We seldom get protests in Singapore as people need permits to protest.

Bikran said...

@chekkiong : Thanks a lot.That is a good thing that people need permit for such thing.These days we get lots of protests and they dont actually need permit:)But hope very soon everything would get better.

ScanDigStaff said...

These are truly amazing pictures of a very historical moment. You really caught the energy of the protest in these images.

Alberto Lozéa said...


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Buddha said...

This is the power of the internet to spread the truth!
Amazing photos!
keep up the good work!

Buddha said...

This is the power of the internet to spread the truth.
Amazing photos!
Keep up the good work!

Bikran said...

@Sacndigstaff : Thanks a lot for appreciating! I tried my best :)

@alberto : Thanks a lot .For sure would be visiting your help desk :)

Buddha : very true .. Internet can do wonders . Thanks for the appreciation :)

Liam Alexander said...

It's a shame such a beautiful country has to be marred by this kind of unrest. We can only hope that a resolution is reached quickly.

Bikran said...

@ Liam : ya that's a real shame .. but these days people have stamped it in their minds that protests are the only way out. Sad but true . Even i hope things would turn out better very soon.