Thursday, January 22, 2009

Traditional wood carving

Wood carving that reflects the traditional architecture, has always been the pride of Nepal for centuries.Wood carving is widespread in temples, monasteries,furnitures,palaces and residential homes as well.This art of wood carving could be seen in intricate patterns of geometrical, god and goddess,floral and animal and many more forms.
Among the woodcarver clans, the Silpakars and Kaisthakar are best known carvers.These day Woodcraft has become one of Nepal's best industries.Here are some pictures taken by my n95 mobile around Basantapur darbar square Kathamdnu and Patan darbar square Lalitpur Nepal.

wood carving in Nepal,woodworkingThe skillfully and beautifully carved wooden window( Akhijhyal in nepali)
woodcraft in nepal,woodturning
traditional wood carving,intarsia,marquerty,pyrographyThe Images of gods and goddesses lavishly carved on the wood.


abby villa said...

what a beautiful window! i felt like tracing my fingers on the woodwork. thanks for the visual experience of nepal.

thanks for dropping by and answering my query on why blog.

i started getting serious about blogging last december when i get bored with the busyness of my life and now i am hooked! ha ha

Adam said...

My only problem with wood carving is that it can only last so long and it is so easy to destroy. That is why carving in stone is much better.

mantiz said...

whoa those were really beautiful., must've taken them a long time indeed! and i loved the pottery pictures too, keep it up bro :)

The Astral Cowboy said...

You keep me coming back. I love the sights you share.

Bikran said...

@abby villa : Thanks a bunch for droping by.
You are most welcome :).Blogging is infact an addiction .Can't get out of it .Rite?

@Adam : Yeah you are true.For me carving itself(be it stone ,wood or clay stuffs) is something so artistic and infact a very hard job.
Thank you so much for dropping by :)

Bikran said...

@ Mantiz : Hey mate! long time .. thanks a lot am glad you liked em :)

@ The astral cowboy : That's an honor . Actually i want you all to keep coming hehe .. Thanks a lot for appreciating my work :)

britishidol said...

That is a great . Do you really know where we can buy these in Europe . Do you have any connection. It is great things for value .I love lot . You Blog is excellent.

Bikran said...

@ Britishidol : Thanks a lot .. well I am not sure where it could be bought as i don't live in Europe but i guess there must be some Asian curio shops or (they got traditional stuffs like of metal wood etc).May be they have.But sorry i am really not sure.

tikno said...

Very artistic architecture.

Bikran said...

@ tikno : Thanks a bunch!!

Blog Cruisin said...

Aahh, I adore persons that painstakingly perfects their crafts.

Just Blog Cruisin :D

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Anonymous said...

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