Thursday, January 15, 2009

Some classical utensils of Nepal

Here are pictures of some classical clay and metal utensils used since medieval times for normal Kitchen purposes which nowadays due to emergence of plastic and glassware products are rarely used in day to day life but have not yet lost their importance in any cultural purposes.
Nepali classical utensilsKARUWA - It is normally made of bronze and brass and some are beautifully carved.It is used for drinking water, serving alcohol (specially in Newari culture) and in various pious ceremonies.
ancient utensil of nepalDEKCHI - A huge copper utensil used for cooking.
nepali utensilA collection of typical kinds of utensils used in Nepal
newari utensilTAU MAK : I am not very sure about this one but i guess it is used for some alcohol purpose.


उजेली said...

ramro lago pics !! great job !!

*Nazzz said...

You always post very nice pictures. :)

Bikran said...

@ujeli : dherai dherai dhanyabad ujeli :d

@ Nazzz : thank you so much Nazzz ..

Pritam said...

nice pictures, got a chance to see our traditional stuff.

Marlene Affeld said...

Love the copper pot - I have a similar one that I have enjoyed for many years.

Bikran said...

@ pritam : Thanks mate.. Yeah these days it seems the traditional stuff are being replaced by all electronic stuff .. sad !!

@ marlene Affeld : Thanks a bunch .. ya you do have one .. that's nice. keep enjoying your pot :)