Thursday, July 3, 2008

Strike again strikes the City

STRIKES have mostly been a very powerful negotiating tactic with the government. And Nepal is no exception .Time and again strikes occur here too with various demands .The latest round of strikes started with the Nepalese government announcing a hike in fuel prices and the resultant raise in public transport fares.For several days groups of students affiliated to political parties had attacked government vehicles, burned tyres and threatened drivers in Kathmandu.

Thousands of passengers were stranded across the Ringroad, Balkhu area on Wednesday as the students locked public buses and other vehicles in roads demanding a 43% percent concession in transport fares due to the recent increment in fuel prices.

The students who have been enjoying a 33 percent fare concession in Nepal are also up in arms. They are now demanding a 50 per cent concession. The government’s decision to raise the concession to 43 percent is not enough according to students .

I have captured few scenarios of that strike against the increment in fuel prices occurred in Balkhu on Wednesday. Wednesday, the students vandalized vehicles and burnt tyres in front of Tribhuwan University and in Balkhu area in the capital.More such spectacles have been expected on coming days. were on strike but other group of people still had the same usual routine so they had to carry on ignoring the blockage . students really got down on the streets for a demonstration . vehicle drivers still waiting with a hope to pass through the blockage . tyres too have burnt down leaving such black and ugly patches on the road . vehicles had been jammed and were not allowed to move further almost the entire day .


Mila Cross said...

Oh my, that is amazing to see what is happening in another part of the world. Craziness. I love your writing and your page and photos are so beautiful! =) Visit my site if you get a chance, k


Patti said...

Wow, your photographs are compelling and tell an incredible story. My world is so different and it would be easy to stay comfortable if not for people like you. I plan to spend time reading through your posts.
I don't know how you ran across my blog but I hope you visit again soon. I use a Canon EOS 20D and love it - thanks for sharing your work.
Best wishes from across the globe!

K. Fields said...

Wow! Was it scary for you to be there with all that going on? I think I would be afraid if I were there.

Does this happen all the time?

Please take care and be safe. I like your blog it is full of all kinds of interesting things.

I will be back to continue reading more of your posts!

Bikran said...

hey thanks all of you mila cross, patti and k.fields for such great comments .
well the photos look a bit scary .. but nothing happened to me as i was there .. such strikes occur once in a while in our place .
hope you guys will keep visiting and encouraging me with your sweet words .once again thank you so much .
take care

mantiz said...

Love this blog, you just got a new fan!

Bikran said...

Thank you mantiz for visiting my blog even you got nice blogs add me on your regular visitors list i will keep surfing your blogs too .