Friday, July 18, 2008

Fuel crisis hits my nation too

When the whole world is undergoing the fuel crisis currently how could only Nepal be left behind in the race.Nepal lacking oil reserves of its own and also unfortunately being a landlocked country has to depend on India for its needs.The fuel crisis in Nepal has intensified as Indian Oil Corporation (IOC),the main supplier of petroleum products to the Himalayan country, cuts its supply of fuel and other petroleum products.The poor economy of Nepal is also the cause for this scarcity as the Finance Ministry in Nepal could not cope up with the drastic increment(internationally) in the prices of fuel and is struggling to pay for imports.
Queuing up at petrol pumps for hours with their motorbikes, taxis and buses for few liters of petrol/diesel has become a part of people's life.They are forced to stand sometimes almost a day and even spend nights at the pump to fuel their vehicles. This drastic shortage in fuel has not only created anger and frustration in the citizens but has created chaos on essential public transport services and hospitals ,ambulance services,fire brigade services etc.

Here are few pictures that show the real scenario of the crisis . I took them from the nearby petrol pump .There are lot more to be seen all over the city.

petrol pumpThe petrol pump is still closed as they have no petrol to distribute .
fuel crisisThe drivers are still waiting for the petrol station to open for fuel distribution .
nepal oil corporationwow!! the petrol tanker has now arrived . Would a single tanker suffice all of them ? And the answer is a big "NO". The early comer are lucky today and the rest should still continue waiting may be till another tanker arrives .But when .. no answer .

n95 picturesHundreds of taxis queuing up at the petrol pump to fuel up their taxis.
automobiles queueThe day is about to come to an end and the people are still there waiting . How hectic .
The number of vehicles increases and increases . There is no sign of ending this queue.How long does is go like this ? Does not this now be taken seriously by our government ?

nepal fuel crisis
This is now high time the government ponders to find alternatives for fuel crisis and bring the it to an edge.They now should seriously start thinking over to use the most out of Solar energy,renewable and green energy,wind power, hydro-electric power,bio-gas generators and so on before reaching the very worst.


Nirnit said...

aaba k hune ho nepali ko sawarisadha bhako bela petrol ko paisa aakasai chuncha ani aaba paisa kaam huda paudaina
yo barema sambandhit nikayale ta soachnai parne kura ho .....

Nirnit said...

huna ta yo world prob ho hami yo kasari solve garneho tyo pati lagnu parcha hai hai

K Fields said...

World-wide fuel crisis will cause innovatative discoveries for new energy sources to speed up, and replace the old ways of doing things. Even tho it is big problem right now, as it is where I live too. I think that we will be able to look back on this time, and see that it forced the "new" to happen.

Great photos!

mantiz said...

man thats sad! even here in india we have fuel shortage, but it's not as fierce as in your place.. imagine having to wait in the sun all day just to fill your tank! how terrible!

Lakelandmom said...

In response to the government needing to find a solution, or alternate methods, check this out:

Liam said...

Here in Australia many people are complaining because the price of fuel has increased dramatically. I wonder how many would complain if they saw these pictures. The price may be high but we never have to queue up like this. It may not be too long before we do. You are right about alternative energy sources; the problem is we have put off investigating alternatives for much too long. As the crisis intensifies, we will realise we have done too little too late.

Bikran said...

nirnit-: khoi k hune ho .. kaile sakincha yo problem. thnax for the comment hai

K fields -: it would be the best if discoveries are done . i just want this problem to be solved .lets hope for the best .Thank you for your comments .

mantiz -: you re lucky that you do not need to waste time on waiting .here in nepal its become a daily chore . anyways hoping for betterment . thank you for the comments .

lakelandmom-: thank you for the link . that could be of real use . thank you once again .

liam -: whoever complains just show them this post . they will stop complaining ehehe .Its understandable paying bit more but here the price has increased but not the supply of fuel.. that is terrible .
thank you mate for your words .

Kumar Byanjankar said...

its now time to search for alternate source of energy,
this is not 1st time and last time too. so lets start to talk and find about alternate of these fule.